Scania 4 серии реле стартера,электросхема

Relay for starter switch (4 series)

так же вам в помощь как правильно читать схемы Обозначение сокращений и цвет проводов в электросхемах SCANIA.

The electrical part of the starter switch can be damaged by the high operating currents when the engine is started.
This problem is rectified by fitting a relay in the circuit to guide the 50 supply to the starter motor.
1. Detach the ABS control unit (it is in the way of drilling).
2. Raise the central electric unit and undo the tie-wrap securing the instrumentation cable harness to release the plate (see fig. 1).
3. Drill two holes, diameter 4 mm, as in figure 1 and fit the relay.
4. Move cable 50.WH-4 from C2-1 to R2-86.
5. Fit and connect the new wiring (see fig. 2).
6. Check operation.
7. Fit the instrumentation cable harness back in its position and secure it with tie-wraps.
8. Fit the ABS control unit back in place.
Designation Part No. Quantity
Relay 1 386 988 1
Cable harness 1 387 184 1
Nut 807 351 2
Screw 815 173 2
Connector 807 115 1
Cable terminal 815 699 1